Fandom Shipping Restaurants

  • Fangirl: May I have a Destiel Fic please.
  • Waiter: Sure angst or fluff or other?
  • Fangirl: Angst.
  • Waiter: Here one called Twist and Shout. Also free tissues on the house.
  • Other Fangirl: Johnlock. One-Shots. Keep em coming.
  • Waiter: Okay straight to the point. Would you want fanart with that?
  • Other Fangirl: Maybe two or three..
  • Waiter: Hello what do you want to order?
  • Next Fangirl: Troyler, Zalfie and Phan videos.
  • Waiter: Collab, Fanfic Videos or Evidence of existence?
  • Next Fangirl: Collab and also a couple of gif-sets to reblog.
  • Other Other Fangirl: The feelsss, may I get some heavy posts about how Merlin and Arthur were meant to be.
  • Waiter: Coming right up and I'll give you some extra emotion filled ones.
  • Other Next Fangirl: Smut por favor.
  • Waiter: Go to the right and unlock the lock. Or go to the writers. Have a good day. I guess?